About Us

“Magnolia House” Psychology and Therapies Centre is a team of experienced practitioners offering a comprehensive range of counselling and assessment services for individuals, couples, families and organisations.

Practitioners at this Centre aim to:
    • Provide the best professional service, to each person, family or organisation they meet
    • Be open, honest and caring of all
    • Consult with others also involved in the care of each person, with that person's consent and knowledge
    • Make confidentiality and care our highest priority

Our Team's Guiding Philosophy

It is our belief that the prevailing climate in our community which promotes ‘individual enterprise’ and ‘competition’ has blinded people to the benefits which cooperation and collective endeavour provide. We, in our own small way, while never wanting to lose sight of individual responsibility, want “Magnolia House” to gradually be seen as a potent example of how cooperative enterprise and client centeredness is a better way to work.